WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal: What’s The MOST Secure?!

WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal: What’s The MOST Secure?!

WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal; three of the most popular secure and private messaging platforms for your digital devices, allowing you to communicate with your friends and family in secret. How do they stack up against each other, and what makes one better than the other for your needs? Will they give you an anonymous experience?

Some attributes of each service I take a look at are encryption methods, features usage and usability, as well as privacy concerns like requiring a phone number or collection of data and/or metadata. I also give the pros and cons to each service and what person it’s geared towards to simplify your decision.

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Facebook Privacy Article: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/social-media/timeline-facebook-s-privacy-issues-its-responses-n859651
Mesaging Comparison Chart: https://www.securemessagingapps.com/
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  1. In the absence of anything better in terms of security then Signal wins for me hands down. Not as slick as others, perhaps, but perfectly usable; personally, I actually like it.

  2. if you use these apps, ur taking a risk. if you use a smart phone, youre privacy is being exploited. if you want secure, get rid of the smart phone and laptop, get a desktop, and try to avoid the latest and greatest shiny shit that is being flashed around like candy. vpns are traceable, all email and phone and hd encryption is EASY to crack… Its surprising to find out facebook and twitter both have russian stocks and investors… china too… think about where your data is going or by whom its being collected by or sold to. the only tech I use is a crappy old tech and an updated browser. everything has a backdoor now, even linux os used on vm's with intel and amd cpus…

  3. I have a problem with Signal's claim, how do you know that your metadata is deleted frequently on their servers? To me, if you can't verify that, you should treat it as if they are not delete them.

  4. Well made video but the content in there is just dumm WhatsApp is from Facebook and you can't say a service from Facebook is secure in any way they sell your data to anyone who pays enough and that's even proofed more than one time

  5. Signal is great for people who don't care about crap like stickers and simply want a secure way to communicate. In other words, most adults. I love it. I only wish more people used it. It's always important to remember that Signal sends encrypted messages as well as traditional messages. Unless the other person is also using Signal the messages will be unencrypted, unsecured SMS or MMS.

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