1. Stephen Time to fight back U.K. News you might want to read this before you delete my comment again. And now for a second time.
    What you didn’t know or take into consideration is that I record all my comments on YouTube because there are plenty of right wing channels such as yours made by those who delete comments they don’t like and so I have provided the link to the proof for you and all others to see and if you keep deleting my comments I’ll keep uploading and showing your viewers your own hypocrisy. You should also be aware that I share this proof with many other people, YouTube channels and websites. The more you delete the more you expose your own persistent fascist reactions.
    So I’m posting this comment for a second time as this channel has deleted my original comment which is hilarious since I’m sure they like the right wing of the cult of politics claim they support our rights of expression and free speech yet here we see yet another YouTube channel censoring those with opinions that they don’t like and while they all cry that their little vibrating pocket idol Tommy Robinson is being censored, silenced and removed from online platforms they do that very same thing to everybody else who’s beliefs and opinions they don’t like, this is fascism and while they point the finger at those of the left wing of their cult as being fascists the right wing of the cult of politics and especially the cult of Tommy Robinson are also fascists, hypocrites and bigots. This channel is obviously named after little agent Stephen Yaxley aka celebrity agent provocateur & demagogue Tommy Robinson which increases the irony of their hypocrisy.
    The left wing are good at bigotry, hypocrisy, contradictions and irony but the right wing of the cult is best.
    Below you will find my original comment.

    Little agent Yaxley off doxing people again (doxing was used by the fascist Brownshirts of NAZI Germany) but remember if you dox little agent Yaxley he will kill you, so he says. And it’s nice that little agent Yaxley is friends with the little far right violent yob coco pop faced Avi Yemeni the confused muslim jew who absolutely hates ‘AFRICANS’ as he keeps referring to them as.
    Jim Dowson’s uniting and shifting all the right wing a few notches to the right ie the far right and the dumbed down masses aren’t even aware of it because it’s happening gradually. When they’re all booted up and in their black fascist, military style uniforms marching up and down our streets kicking in the doors of innocent people dragging them out in the streets accusing them of being paedos there’s nothing anyone will be able to do about it. Judge jury executioner. And they’ll still deny they’re far right. Doh! 🤦🏼‍♂️
    Arming the thugs sieg heil little fascist Napoleons.

    Proof exposing the fascism of this channel –

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