The Weekly Startup Show – S01E02 – Oyo Rooms And Zo Rooms, Niki AI and More | Denture Capital

The Weekly Startup Show – S01E02 – Oyo Rooms And Zo Rooms, Niki AI and More  | Denture Capital

Here’s our second episode of The weekly startup show!

Oyo Rooms

This episode features news how Oyo rooms were going through a tough time and shed light on the mysterious circumstances under which Oyo acquired Zo Rooms.

Brand Factory

This offline retailer was seen taking direct digs at the online marketplace giants Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal by using not-so-good wordplay on one of their advertisements to attract customers.

Niki AI

Two budding entrepreneurs from Bangalore come with an idea for a sales assistant AI for customers who can’t find the right clothes for themselves inside any shop.

Plastic Ban in Karnataka

The government has imposed a ban on all plastic material usage. And the public shares their reactions to this new way of life, how it is affecting their everyday business and what are the boons and banes of it.


A real-time messaging app that is slowly growing famous among office goers who find it easy to use to chat with their colleagues.

Tiny Owl and Roadrunner Merger?

Roadrunner is rumored to be looking to acquire tiny owl. What do you think they’ll be called once it’s done?


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  1. "The MotuTaxi"- As nothing much is working out for tinyowl instead of delivering food they go for delivering people with the combined strength of around 13K odd delivery boys. And to get out of ban on moto taxi's they say they are a food bike. So now it will be like order your food and eat it too while on the go. Point to point commute + food truck (bike)
    "No more delivery delays. Eat your food on the move and get yourself delivered in 45 mins 😉 "

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