Nigeria eps tableware machine

Nigeria  eps tableware machine
eps tableware machine
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Automatically PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line Automatic
PS EPS Foam Fast Food container vacum forming machine
Disposable PS foam food box production line
EPS plate forming and cutting machine
manufacturer Polystyrene Plate Machine Line
PS lunch box foaming machine
ps disposable lunch box machine,
ps foam plastic one-off lunch box forming machine
,ps foam disposable fast food box making machine
Take Away Fast Food Box Making Machine
New type robot arm ps disposable foam food tray machine PS Food foaming machinery manufacture
PS GPPS Foam food box machine/PS food container machinery manufacture

The PS foam food container making machine including three main parts:
1.PS foam sheet extrusion line: make PS foam sheet.
2.Fully automatic forming and cutting machine: forming, cutting, stacking, collecting products.
3.PS recycling machine: recycle waste sheets to granules.
PS foam sheet extrusion line This production line adopts double-screw foam sheet extrusion technology.PSP foam sheet is a kind of new-type packing material with the features of heat preservation, safety, sanitation and good plasticity. It’s mainly used to make various types of food containers. Fully automatic forming and cutting machine Forming, cutting, stacking are done in the same machine saving labor, improving efficiency, lowing labor intensity and reducing production cost. It can be used to produce many kinds of materials from change the mould. PS recycling machine Waste Plastics Recycling Machine is used for recycling of the used and waste plastic materials. It equipped with automatic constant temperature, electric changing filter nets. It also can pelletize the croushing material after fitting with a loader

Fully Automatic Vacuum Forming and Cutting Off Integration Machine in an all-powerful thermoforming machine with intefrating vacuum forming and cutting off at the same time.It can be used for processing all kinds of plastic sheet.This machine adopts computer digital forming syste,PLC mechanical and electronic intefration self-control and touch screen control working proframme,it is easy to operate and has highly production efficiency.It has the features of dependable stability,large forming area,fast speed forming and highly automation.This machine can produce ps foam food container,foam tray,burger box,egg tray and so on.

The working process for PS EPS Foam Fast Food container machine as below: Feeding —heating area (heating by remote infrared ceramic heater)–forming area (vacuum Forming, press forming and synthetically forming) –Pneumatic cutting knife (cut the shaped sheet into pieces) –winding scrap.
1. It is an all-powerful therma PS foam food box thermoforming machine Project l forming machine with integration of vacuum forming and cutting.
2. It can produce PS foam food box/container, foam (egg/meat) tray, hamburger box, foam plates/bowl, fruit tray, etc. The foam container has feature of shock-resistance  ,crush-resistance , heat insulation ,etc . It is widely used to pack the heat and frozen food in supermarket, store and etc. 
3. It adopts remote infrared ceramic heater in heating zone, with which the machine get the most stable and even temperature.
4. It adopts temperature digital system, which is convenient for the workers to know the temperature of each heating zone quickly. Also it is easily operate and make more efficiency. 
5. It adopts Japanese servo motor & drive, Mitsubishi PLC mechanical and electronic integration control, touch screen for operating.
6. It features reliable stability, large forming area and fast speed,as well as highly degree of automation & economic on manpower.
7. It adpots automatic pneumatic device in feeding area, which reduces the labor force.
8.We have been in this field for 41 years. You can trust the machine quality and after-sale service.
9.Welcome you to visit our factory..

Sale Manager : jessica lv
Phone/Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat/Tango:0086-136 6865 2286
Skype:jessicalv2 QQ:1156191009
ICQ:634501570 YAHOO Messenger:

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