MyPal Personal Automation/Assistant 2.0 iOS

MyPal Personal Automation/Assistant 2.0 iOS

-MyPal -Personal Automation by TechLabz LLC

-MyPal provides a revolutionary way to interact with your phone. Being your personal assistant and personal automation client for your contacts, apps, websites, social media, etc. Unlocking full potential of your device.

Check out the app store in the ios below

-A Better Way to manage apps

-Learn how to use one app, to navigate through hundreds of other apps

-Bookmarks for your favorite website, locations, app content, etc.

-Jump into pages on and between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and social media with one button press

-Schedule Birthdays, Emails, Text Messages, etc.

-Almost Windows Start Menu Feel to accessing content

-Better Way to manage apps, and never forget to check app, and also being able to check hundred different things in minutes don’t have to compromise/limit y

-Accessing content even faster or at the same speeds as your Personal Computer

-Scheduling(Reminder) Calls and Texts to loved ones you care about, never forget to lend an ear or give advice to those that need it.

-Posting content on Social Media, via twitter,facebook, instagram, tumblr in one spot and back to back for speed, this also can be group with work groups like Slack, and teams, and also texting and emailing.

-Having groups to group text/email made easy.

-Better way to group apps together and navigate back to back between them, i.e calendar, news, reminder, notes, etc as an example

-Don’t have to learn how to use one hundred different apps, learn how to use one to access others

-One Stop Shop for your iPhone

-“Android-esque” theme for your iPhone

-In many cases jump right into the content that is most relevant to you.

-Create a playlist of your favorite content from spotify, apple music, souncloud, pandora, youtube and access from one location.

-iOS 10-12 support

-Apps with custom support include WhatsApp, GroupMe, YouTube, Twitter, Skype, Google Search, Safari, Google Chrome, Google App, Firefox, Firefox Focus, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Pandora, Instagram, Tinder, SnapChat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus, Google Hangouts, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Telegram, Discord, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Reddit, Weather, Calculator, Notes, Reminder, Calendar, News Settings, App Store, Giphy, Photos, Files, DropBox, Google Drive, Clock, Messages, Shortcuts, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Facetime.

-All other apps can also be used with the app with basic support

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