Ionic Native Push Notifications + Firebase Cloud Messaging

Ionic Native Push Notifications + Firebase Cloud Messaging

Learn how to send notifications to iOS and Android devices using Firebase FCM and Ionic Native.

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  1. Get up and running with FCM and Ionic Native… There are a few caveats with native push notifications for iOS and Android builds, so I recommend following the full article where I explain in more detail. Hit me up on Slack if you want to chat 🙂

  2. Can you make a tutorial for sending notification to a specific device? For example , I clicked a button , theres a function that will send notification to other device

  3. Hi. Excellent tutorial
    I have this error: typescript: C:/ionic/fcmapp/node_modules/angularfire2/, line: 10
    Class 'FirebaseApp' incorrectly implements interface 'FirebaseApp'. Property
    'automaticDataCollectionEnabled' is missing in type 'FirebaseApp'.

    Thank you.

  4. All of the firebase videos that I see use the web api config in the app.module.ts. But you showed in completely other way to download the file. What is the difference? Why do they not follow this method? Or am I mistaken? Confused for sure.

  5. Help me please, I have a doubt. In the new documentation of FCM for version 1.1.0 . I have seen all tutorials regarding the Firebase FireStore. Like you are querying from the FireStore in this notification part, but I have data in Real-time Database, can we do the same thing which you explained in this video, from Real-time Database and not using FireStore? If yes, can you show me the code.

  6. Hello, excellent video. But after including the GoogleService-Info.plist into my project root, it is crashing at the splash screen (emulator and also on the device). Where and how should I exactly include this file into my iOS project?

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