How to Stream Movies to Skype with loved ones

How to Stream Movies to Skype with loved ones

I made this video to show how to stream movies or desktop to skype to your long distance friends or lovers. I couldn’t find some decent tutorials on how to make this work so i decided to make my own to show you guys. Just in time for Valentines day as well. 🙂


  1. I am having trouble my gf can hear the video but she cannot see the movie. I downloaded the free version of xsplit. I don't even have a screen region option in the add box I just have screen capture. Can you help me? +Jonathan Arcelao

  2. Okay I'm having trouble I followed the instructions but when I upload it to skype for me and my girlfriend to watch she can hear the movie but not me. Is there something I've done wrong? The audio settings are microphone to stereo mix. Speakers to speakers both the speaker and the stereo mix are set to default devices

  3. Hey I tried it but somehow my friend can barely hear the sounds from my pc. I had to turn it up super high in order for him to hear me but then its gon be too loud for me since Im wearing the earbuds. Any idea why ?

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